Benefit from Our Full Range of GAF® Roofing Systems

Choosing the right shingles, accessories, and supplies is essential for a good roof, but it’s certainly not the only thing that matters. Roofing is really the result of a complete system of interlocking components that rely on each other to protect the structure. This requires many informed decisions as well as expert roof installation services.

Secure Roofing is committed to providing comprehensive roofing systems that offer real and long-lasting results on all key metrics. That’s why our solutions always revolve around quality-oriented supplies, including the Timberline, Camelot, and Grand Canyon product lines from GAF®.

A Closer Look at Roofs

Each residential roofing system has six main layers, which work together to create a durable system. These six are:

  • Leak Barrier - prevents leaks
  • Roof Deck Protection - a secondary layer of rain protection
  • Starter Strip Shingles - reduces the risk of blow-offs
  • Shingles - made from a sturdy fiberglass base
  • Attic Ventilation - reduces the risk of ice dam formation, especially in the winter
  • Ridge Cap Shingles - offers additional protection

Find the GAF® Roof That Fits Your Needs

Ask us today about these great options from the renowned roofing manufacturer:

Timberline HDZ offers an appealing balance of aesthetic form, practical features, and affordability. These protective shingles have the industry’s widest nail zone, a Class A fire rating, and include advanced protective technology. Styled with a wood-shake look, they have a 5.625” exposure and are made from fiberglass asphalt material.

Along with a lifetime limited warranty term for manufacturing defects, this product line is also eligible for wind and algae coverage. Installations done with the requisite accessories are eligible for WindProven Limited Wind Warranty with no max speed limit. Algae coverage is a 25-year limited warranty on shingles labeled for StainGuard Plus.

Color/Finish: Barkwood, Birchwood, Biscayne Blue, Charcoal, Copper Canyon, Driftwood, Fox Hollow Gray, Golden Amber, Hickory, Hunter Green, Mission Brown, Oyster Gray, Patriot Red, Pewter Gray, Shakewood, Slate, Sunset Brick, Weathered Wood, White, and Williamsburg Slate.

Harvest Blend Color/Finish: Appalachian Sky, Cedar Falls, Golden Harvest, and Nantucket Morning.

The Timberline UHDZ (Ultra High Definition) offers unparalleled aesthetic options for tasteful roofing designs. These premium laminate shingles have similar specs to the HDZ, but also feature Dual Shadow Line technology to create dramatic sunset shadows.

Timberline’s UHDZ product has a 30-year limited warranty on StainGuard Plus Pro labeled shingles as well as a lifetime limited warranty for manufacturing defects. They are also eligible for 15-year WindProven Limited Wind Warranty with restrictions based on installation.

Color/Finish: Barkwood, Charcoal, Pewter Gray, Shakewood, Slate, and Weathered Wood.

These designer shingles have a slate-like shape and custom palette with a European aesthetic. They are crafted by artisans and feature oversized tabs and sophisticated designs with unique aesthetic appeal compared to conventional shingles.

In addition to a lifetime limited warranty for manufacturing defects, this product line has a 25-year limited algae warranty on shingles labeled with StainGuard Plus. Wind warranty is 15-year limited coverage for wind speeds of up to 110 mph or up to 130 mph with special installation.

Color/Finish: Antique Slate, Barkwood, Charcoal, Royal Slate and Weathered Timber.

True to their name, Grand Canyon shingles are known for their natural, rugged, and bold design. These wood-shake style shingles have a depth of simplicity and sturdiness to endure the elements in style.

Grand Canyon shingles have a 25-year limited warranty for blue-green algae discoloration on products labeled for StainGuard Plus. They also have a wind warranty for speeds up to 130 mph with installation restrictions.

Color/Finish: Black Oak, Mission Brown, Stonewood, and Storm Cloud.

Try the Virtual Remodeler

Want to get a better idea of which roofing system is best for your needs? Bring your imagination closer to reality by trying the GAF® Virtual Remodeler. Mix and match their shingle styles and colors to your heart’s content so you can find the ideal system for your home.

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