Why Reroofing Is a Smart Investment for Hendersonville Homeowners

By Secure Roofing | April 26, 2024
Roof installation project in progress

Homeowners in Hendersonville get to enjoy the natural beauty and distinct charm that the area offers. However, the local climate can be tough on roofs, making reroofing an important investment…

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Keeping It Cool With Proper Roof Ventilation For Your Asheville Home

By Secure Roofing | April 11, 2024
Ventilated roof

The Land of the Sky boasts stunning mountain vistas, a vibrant arts scene, and that infamous scorching summer sun. If you’re an Asheville homeowner, you’re well aware of the struggle…

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When to Consider a Reroofing Project

By Secure Roofing | March 25, 2024
Visibly worn down roof

Is your roof showing signs of age or wear? Are you constantly dealing with leaks or missing shingles? If so, it might be time to consider a reroofing project. Reroofing…

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Prepping for Roof Repair: Must-Do Tasks Before the Pros Arrive

By Secure Roofing | March 8, 2024
Contractor inspecting a roof

Congratulations on scheduling your roof repair project! But before the roofing team shows up with their tools and expertise, there are a few essential tasks you should tackle to ensure…

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Is Your Roof Showing Signs of Wear and Tear

By Secure Roofing | February 29, 2024
Worn down roof

Your roof bears the full brunt of the harsh elements, so it’s essential to keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear that could indicate potential problems. From…

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